What our clients have to say:


"I started my practice after relocating from another state three years ago. With limited contacts, I did everything I could to get make myself known in my area. Online, I made sure I was listed in all relevant directories, and soon I had a website designed Acupuncture-Websites. What I have found, over the last two years, is that the website itself is my number one source of referrals. As my business has grown, I've made contacts with other professionals who send me referrals as well, but many more people have found me by coming across my website -- including those professionals who now send me referrals! The website is the best investment I've made.

"I'd like to add a p.s. telling people that print advertising has been my single biggest investment mistake, but I guess that's irrelevant here!" --Clearlake Acupuncture: Houston, TX

"I am writing to thank you for your help in creating my website. It has already begun to generate new business for me and has been a great asset in building my practice. I also appreciate the fact that you have been easy to work with and have provided clear, concise information on how to best utilize my resources. My past experiences with building websites have been very stressful. Thanks for making this process easy and enjoyable!"

-Rena Zaid, M.S., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., Chicago, IL,

"Acupuncture-Websites has given me exactly what I was looking for in creating a website. With a variety of templates and designs to choose from the preliminary site came together easily and proved to be significantly less expensive than other services I looked into. The staff of consultants and designers helped me refine and shape the words and images to produce a website that is attractive, informative and professional. It has become an excellent tool to inform new patients about my work and is very useful in communicating with patients who are already working with me. I would highly recommend this service to anyone considering creating a website."
--Dr. Bruce Schneider

"I am really excited about my new website. It is a great way for me to describe my practice and philosophy to prospective patients, and was extremely easy to get up and running. The Acupuncture-Website staff is a pleasure to work with, and I am excited about being part of their patient referral program". --Jason Elias, L.Ac., M.A., Mth.

"Creating my website with Acupuncture-Websites has more than exceeded my expectations. The customization of my site was a smooth and easy process, and all content and design changes have been made in record time! My website has turned out to be a great education resource for both existing and prospective patients, and has become a wonderful marketing tool - about 90% of my new patients are coming directly from my website! I couldn't be happier with the results, and I recommend Visionworks to all of my colleagues!".
--Cynthia Ignatovsky, L.Ac., Santa Clara, CA,

"I had a referral today from Isn't that great! Overall the website has helped my business so much! It's easier than explaining to people what I do and if it's a cold referral, the patient feels more comfortable after reading my info. Thanks again for a great job."--Cynthia Rose, L.Ac.





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