Site Marketing

How we help you generate patient referrals:

A Website can be a very powerful marketing tool for your practice. Your site certainly needs to be inviting through graphics and quality text in order to be successful. However, without any "traffic," your site won't be shared with the world. At Acupuncture Websites, we not only help you set-up your Website, we ensure your site is visable to your potential patients.


Search Engine Optimization

Potential patients will primarily find your practice online by entering various keywords in to popular search engines such as In order to be listed under these keywords, it is essential to load these words in to various parts of your Website.

Additionally, it is important to discuss popular topics that are considered “search engine friendly.”

It is very important to understand that your potential patients will not automatically assume an acupuncturist can treat their specific condition. Therefore, it is essential to be listed under condition-based keywords on popular search engines. For example, if someone is suffering from depression, they may be seeking treatment from a Psychologist. A common sufferer of depression would search for keywords such as “depression treatment, depression cures, etc.” In order to rank under these condition-based keywords, you will need to have content about each condition.

At Acupuncture Websites, we will work with you on ensuring that your site is optimized on all major search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing provides acupuncturists the opportunity to successfully market their practice for next to nothing financially. However, marketing through popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube does take time and, as we all know, time can be precious for the common acupuncturist.

In order to be successful with Social Media Marketing, you need to provide your followers/fans with valuable content (videos, testimonials, strong photos, research). You must also be able to determine how to best spend your time as there are hundreds of social networks.

At Acupuncture Websites, we will assist you in navigating the various social networks, figuring out what content to share/post and planning your entire social media outreach plan.

Our Acupuncture First Approach
We have a wealth of experience as licensed acupuncturists and business owners, making us uniquely qualified to help other practicioners market their services.

Marc Grossman is both a licensed optometrist and acupuncturist. Michael Edson is a New York State Licensed acupuncturist.



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